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Quick Tip - Maximize Your Business Card's Effectiveness

Turn your business cards into a viral advertising campaign with these very simple tips... This very simple program will build your business exponentially over time. We've been using this with our clients with great success! This was viral marketing before the term even existed. Pssst... spread the word! 1. Place a "New Client Offer" on the back. 2. Include sign-up information for your Email Club / Drip Campaign on the back of your cards. 3. Devise an attractive Referral Rewards Program and include details and space for client to write friend's name and their name on the back. 4. Hand THREE cards to EVERY client or potential client that walks in your doors or that you meet at events

The 4 Pillars of Creating a Brand

A Guide for Arizona Small Business Owners Branding your small business goes beyond logo design. It is the culmination of carefully thought out visuals and messaging used to communicate your core values and brand promise to a specific audience. Breaking it down, there are four key elements to planning and executing a successful brand strategy: Logo Design A perfect marriage of mark, words, colors and emotions. Logo design is much more than a few elements that look good. It is a mark meticulously crafted through the use of color, purposeful typography, and dynamic art, meant to inspire emotion in your audience. This combined with a solid brand foundation can bring your marketing mix to life.

Quick Tip - The Power of 3

Typically, a potential consumer will need to see your brand message 3 times before making a decision to purchase. Additionally, a business should bring a consumer back for three consecutive positive experiences in order to convert into a long-term customer. This requires consistency in communicating to your existing customer base, which we will be covering in an upcoming blog. TIP IN ACTION: For best results, deliver your message across 3 separate media platforms for at least 3 consecutive months, if not indefinitely. For instance, if you are targeting a specific zip code, you might do an Every Door Direct Mail postcard to a route in that zip, a Social Media Ad targeting your customer demogr

Quick Tip - Empowering Employees

Small business owners that involve their employees in the sales goal process are exponentially more likely to reach those goals. Do not be afraid to share basic numbers with your staff. Inform them of where business sales stand and what the current month’s goal is. TIP IN ACTION: Create monthly contests to involve staff in the sales growth process. Need help designing an Employee Incentive Program? Contact us HERE

Small Business Owners: How do you analyze customer satisfaction?

Ensuring your current customer base is happy provides the foundation for the strongest marketing program a small business can have: referrals & reviews. Whether you operate a brick and mortar retail shop or business to business service, customer satisfaction and retention should be your number one priority. The previous statement is certainly not earth-shattering news, but how many of you TRULY know what experience your customers are receiving at the hands of your employees? Surveys, if you can get them filled out, can lend a partial view and should be a part of your checks-and-balances system, but we always recommend that our clients run a 'Secret Shopper' program. While there are many

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