20 things you can be doing for your small business during the downtime (after you’ve finished watchi

Grow Your Small Business

  1. Setup a social media calendar – Find, create, or procure 2-4 posts per week for the next quarter. Set them up in a calendar so you can just go and grab the content and post it. Don’t forget to create great visuals – here is a calendar template we’ve found from a basic search. https://templates.office.com/en-us/social-media-content-calendar-tm34312278

  1. Create blog content that can be used over the next quarter. Much like the social media calendar, but more in depth. Write more in story form blog content specific for your industry with your websites keywords in place to boost your SEO.

  1. Create Ads for social media for the rest of 2020. Keep in mind Holidays, National Days, and some general ads about your company.