Marketing Strategy Planning

Building your brand, whether by Brandfirm or another marketing agency takes meticulous time and planning.  Through precision implementation we'll ensure your brand stays in tact and is delivered as intended.


Branding & Marketing Research

It starts with research

Gather information, then ACT!

In order to deploy any plan, you first need to gather information.  This phase consists of doing research about not only your competition, but your own company and what sets you apart!

Brand Strategy

Define a strategy

How you're going to implement your findings to gain market presence.

After comprehensive research, you then define your strategy.  A marketing strategy should be well thought out, but still flexible.  

Brand Standards

Brand Standards

Your strategy in an easy to follow, easy to measure plan written down!

Once your strategy is defined it's time to put it on paper.  You started with research, learned and observed.  You then developed a strategy to put into place to increase your marketing presence.  Now, it's time to launch your marketing plan.