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Privacy Policy

We will not sell your information under any circumstances ever. Period.

Late Fee Policy

Payments are due on the 1st working day of the month. Any payments received after the 7th of the month will incur an $85 late fee. In addition we go "pencils down" on the 7th until we receive full payment. Any late fees accrued will be added to the next months service.

Cancellation Policy

One Brandfirm's pillars is the absence of cancellation fees, and we're still very much of that thought process. We would however like to express we would greatly appreciate a 30 day notice prior to your departure so we may wrap up your account, prepare your assets, and get things in order before your departure.

Asset Storage Policy

Your assets will remain in our shared DropBox folder for no less than 60 days upon your cancellation date. Please make sure you are making every effort to archive the files in this folder periodically. Upon occasion, some digital assets, may inadvertently end up in your client folder that you don't have a license for; this would be un-modified stock images, sound files, or other source material that Brandfirm owns the license to. Be advised, to the best of our ability we will remove these items from the shared folder from time to time and it will be double checked on your departure. Please understand we do this as a safety for you, so you don't end up using copywritten material, that you don't have the license to. Any end published material that we've created for you, will remain for you to archive locally.

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