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Marketing Tips - Customer Conversion For Brick and Mortar Businesses

Do you own a small brick and mortar business? Do you have a process for converting new customers into long-term "loyals"? Studies show that bringing back a customer 3 times for a positive experience will solidify an ongoing relationship. Do you have systems in place to bring your customers back 3 times? Take it a step further by adding a Referral Rewards Program then cycling the referred customers through the same system and so on and so on. We've seen this system generate great success for clients. This was viral marketing before viral marketing was viral marketing! Above is a chart designed for a chiropractic clinic in order to make the most of the marketing campaigns they were using

Tech Talk - App Helps Small Business Owners Send Gifts To Customers With Ease

Many small business owners lack the budget and storage to keep a large stock of promotional gifts on hand. For many industries, sending a gift to loyal clients after a transaction or once a year during the holidays is customary and always a good idea. Coordinating your gifting efforts can be difficult and time consuming, however, if you want to recognize the top customers that support your business, there are options that allow you to impress without the stress or mess. Today's recommendation is the hands-down favorite at Brandfirm... Giftagram. ( *Editor's Note: Brandfirm does not have a relationship with Giftagram and receives no credit or compensation. This is a true recommendation based

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