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Quick Tip - The Power of 3

Small Business Marketing | Ad Campaigns | Brandfirm Arizona

Typically, a potential consumer will need to see your brand message 3 times before making a decision to purchase.

Additionally, a business should bring a consumer back for three consecutive positive experiences in order to convert into a long-term customer. This requires consistency in communicating to your existing customer base, which we will be covering in an upcoming blog.

TIP IN ACTION: For best results, deliver your message across 3 separate media platforms for at least 3 consecutive months, if not indefinitely.

For instance, if you are targeting a specific zip code, you might do an Every Door Direct Mail postcard to a route in that zip, a Social Media Ad targeting your customer demographic in that area and a print ad in a community-based publication.

Need help creating an effective "Power of 3" campaign for your business?

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Small Business Marketing | Ad Campaigns | Brandfirm Arizona

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