The 4 Pillars of Creating a Brand

A Guide for Arizona Small Business Owners

Branding your small business goes beyond logo design. It is the culmination of carefully thought out visuals and messaging used to communicate your core values and brand promise to a specific audience.

Breaking it down, there are four key elements to planning and executing a successful brand strategy:

Logo Design

A perfect marriage of mark, words, colors and emotions.

Logo design is much more than a few elements that look good. It is a mark meticulously crafted through the use of color, purposeful typography, and dynamic art, meant to inspire emotion in your audience. This combined with a solid brand foundation can bring your marketing mix to life. An experienced and creative graphic designer well versed in brands should be able to help bring your vision to life.

Unique selling proposition

Dominate your game, not theirs.

Applying a calculated appraoch rather than a guess, we'll analyze in detail what you do better and worse than your competiton. From these results, we'll uncover strengths and weaknesses, and build your unique selling proposition.

Brand Standards

Say hello to your brand manual, and goodbye to inconsistent brand messaging.

A brand is a complex entity. Your brand standards, complete with typography, iconography, color palette, imagery and logo usage & restrictions, ensure consistent brand messaging every time. With this guide, we'll be able to very effectively communicate your brand accurately and precisely.

Brand Identity

How do you want your small business to be perceived by your customers? Branding is the union of your core values, brand promise, and reputation. It is what sets you aprart from your competition. Whether you are just starting a small business, or have had one for years, a solid brand identity is a great foundation to build a successful small business.

Whether you are just starting your business or have been in business for years and want to finally define your brand for success, start with the four pillars mentioned above and begin implementing into every aspect of your business.

Are you an Arizona Small Business Owner and need help creating an effective brand? Contact us today to get started.

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