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Quick Tip - Maximize Your Business Card's Effectiveness

Turn your business cards into a viral advertising campaign with these very simple tips...

Brandfirm | Graphic Design in Arizona

This very simple program will build your business exponentially over time. We've been using this with our clients with great success! This was viral marketing before the term even existed. Pssst... spread the word!

1. Place a "New Client Offer" on the back. 2. Include sign-up information for your Email Club / Drip Campaign on the back of your cards.

Brandfirm | Graphic Design in Arizona

3. Devise an attractive Referral Rewards Program and include details and space for client to write friend's name and their name on the back. 4. Hand THREE cards to EVERY client or potential client that walks in your doors or that you meet at events, etc. Ask them for their referral and tell them to give a card to two friends.

Brandfirm | Graphic Design in Arizona

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