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Tech Talk - App Helps Small Business Owners Send Gifts To Customers With Ease

Many small business owners lack the budget and storage to keep a large stock of promotional gifts on hand. For many industries, sending a gift to loyal clients after a transaction or once a year during the holidays is customary and always a good idea.

Coordinating your gifting efforts can be difficult and time consuming, however, if you want to recognize the top customers that support your business, there are options that allow you to impress without the stress or mess.

Today's recommendation is the hands-down favorite at Brandfirm... Giftagram.

( *Editor's Note: Brandfirm does not have a relationship with Giftagram and receives no credit or compensation. This is a true recommendation based on experience.)

Giftagram for iPhone and Android | Brandfirm

Sure, there are hundreds of shopping apps on the market and you could simply ship to your customer's address. You could do that, and spend hours inputting addresses.

The genius behind Giftagram - - - it syncs to your contacts. You find the gift you like, select the contact to send it to and you're done.

Giftagram for iPhone and Android | Brandfirm

Added bonus - - - after setting up your app and syncing with your contacts, your assigned Concierge will contact you to help you make gift choices or even place a large custom order to send to your customer base.

We were especially impressed with the quality of items at varying price ranges as well as the categories based on interest from culinary to techie.

Giftagram for iPhone and Android | Brandfirm

A quick marketing tip from Brandfirm - - - the week between Christmas and New Years is a prime week to deliver customer gifts and not get lost in the shuffle of holiday gifts from their friends and family. Now is the perfect time to get started with Giftagram and make a great impression with your customers!

We've provided the download links below for your ease. Give it a try and leave a comment telling us about your experience!

Giftagram for iPhone on the App Store

Giftagram for Android on Google Play

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