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Video Based Learning

Do-it-yourself marketing, branding, and design for your small business.


What You'll Learn

What software to use for what purpose

How to properly layout a brochure and other collateral

How to choose brand-cohesive fonts and complimentary colors for your collateral

Tips & Tricks with the Adobe design suite of products - Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

How to select images and where to find them legally

And more!

  • When will the Do-It-Yourself content from Brandfirm Youniversity be up and ready for viewing?
    We're hoping to have the beginning modules available by March 1st, 2021
  • Is all of the video content free?
    Most of it! Brandfirm Youniversity Essentials will have free video content with detailed instruction on many topics. If you decide to upgrade to Brandfirm Youniversity+ you'll not only get the video content, but also have access to all the templates we'll create in producing the video content. So you can look forawrd to things like - • Social media banner & ad templates just to name a few
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