Part 4 - Brand Personality.

Creating a brand

The makings of brand identity.

You’re on the home stretch! First, thanks for taking this brand journey with me over the last 4 weeks – we’ve covered a lot! If you’ve been with us the whole time, we talked about the foundation of your brand in week one. In week two, we dove into your brand purpose. Last week we covered brand positioning, and this week we move into brand personality to conclude the series. With a defined brand personality, you can move into finalizing your brand’s identity. Through the proper use of typefaces, thoughtful color selections, and a fitting mark or logo, a relatable brand identity comes to life.

What is your brand?

Is your brand fun and carefree, or upscale and serious? Is it luxury, or is it affordable to everyone? In the questions that follow, you’ll begin the process of determining who your brand caters to and what you want people to feel when they see it. These questions are designed to help you build a brand identity that people can understand and connect with.

Let’s get started!

Brand Personality.

1. How do you like your brand written? Ex. BrandFirm | Brandfirm | Brand Firm

2. What feeling are you trying to invoke?

3. Do you have a tag line?

4. What is your primary message, or what is your mission? Do you have a mission statement?

5. How do you like people to perceive your company? When we talk a