Tuesday Tips - 5 tips to improve your email signature

1. Don’t overdo it! There are things you absolutely can’t live without – contact data, title, and company name should all be included. Things you may not need: anti-virus certification or legal disclaimer. If you aren’t absolutely required to put them on, then don’t. Typically, small 3-4 line email signatures are the most effective and clean.


2. Steer clear of huge graphics or a large number of graphics. Oftentimes your recipient's incoming email provider will scrub much of this out, or remove from the body and add as attachments. This makes it more difficult for them to find the attachment you may have been wanting to send them in the first place. Sometimes they get removed all together.


3. Do not, do not, do not make your contact info a “graphic.” If your contact information gets embedded into a single graphic and that graphic is discarded, your email shows up with no signature at all.


4. Be consistent. Even if you are a small company, the email signatures of others in your company need to match, as well as be professional.


5. Test! Noticing a bad part of an email signature 14 days after you’ve modified it is gut wrenching. Test your signature on yourself, see how it comes across before you start using it.

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